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   corona detecting reveals voltage realted faults


CITI-corona inspection training

The Secrets of Corona

inspect - document - predict
November 18-20 Atlanta GA, USA

Seeing corona, recording and documenting corona events is the basis for predicting imminent breakdown. Detecting corona on time has been proven to save maintenance costs, defer aging and extend components' lifetime.  Corona discharge is both an indication of existing processes that lead to failures and an actor that involves with the creating of UV and abrasive acids. Corona should be monitored and controlled and is an issue that is constantly being researched. Read more >>
citi class in Atlanta GA
« This has been one of the most interesting courses taken in my working career. In no small part this was because of the knowledge and experience the instructor shared as the course progressed. I highly recommend this course with this instructor. Thanks CITI! »


  • UV technology – theory
  • ​​UV technology – implementation & applications
  • Corona & arcing PD – dynamics 
  • How, where and When to do UV inspections
  • SEE to FORESEE - understand what you see
  • Experience the full cycle: inspect, detect, report, act
  • Integrating UV with other technologies
  • Hands on DayCor® Camera


  • Learn from UV authoritative professionals
  • Become a qualified certified UV inspectors
  • Get practical and theoretical training on using UV inspection for predictive maintenance
  • Make the most of your existing equipment
  • Let go of "trial and error" education and decrease maintenance costs
  • Tune up with the latest technological innovations 

  Who should attend 

  • All levels Inspectors
  • PdM Managers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • DayCor® or other corona camera owners
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Join Ofil's Educational Programs. Get a UViGrapher Diploma and 20 PDHs. Benefit from Corona Detection   

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