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DayCor® ROM 300
Fully Operational Professional 
3 Sensors Aerial Inpsection System  
 The system includes: A Camera Turret with 3 high capability camera sensors: UV , IR & HD, A hand control unit, An interface unit, a laptop, software

Pic left to right clockwise: Turret; Hand held unit with monitor; Laptop; Interface unit
Second Hand Aerial Inspection System in a Very Good Working Condition
System was used on a Bell 206, 4 seasons, approx 800 flight hours 
  • UV camera: Ofil ROMpact Bi-Spectral (UV + Visible) Solar Blind camera
  • Infrared Camera: Infra Tec VarioCam 3 High Definition Camera. 1024 x 768 pixel array allows accurate temperature measurement from longer distance
  • HD Video Camera: Color, Sony FCB-EH6300 High Definition 1080p, with 20x optical zoom,12x digital zoom for total zoom of 240x
HandControl Unit
  • Command & control remote to command and control of various cameras functions and the gimbal turret
  • 7" video monitor, attached to the Hand control, for monitor control the real time video from the various cameras sensors
  • Interface Unit with Garmin GPS 18 for location overlay 
  • Spare set of cables for camera to interface unit.
  • Laptop Ruggedized Computer: Panasonic CF-31 windows 7 Pro and Havis Mount 
  • IRBIS Infra Tec software for capture and report processing of IR images
  • Vision Infra Tec software for full screen view of IR camera during inspection
  • Corona Base DBRS2012 software for process of UV reports
  • ION Video2PC video capture software and connector
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